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Open Opportunities

  • Coleraine Flood Investigation

    Tender # 12-17 | Closing: 27/04/2017 14:00 AEDT | Released: 30/03/2017 09:00 AEDT | Type: RFT

    The Southern Grampians Shire Council has received Victorian Government funding to undertake an investigation into flood events in the Coleraine area of the Shire of Southern Grampians 

    The purpose of this flood study is to develop information fundamental VIEW MORE

  • Hamilton Aerodrome - Removal of Trees

    Tender # Q516-17 | Closing: 12/04/2017 14:00 AEDT | Released: 28/03/2017 09:00 AEDT | Type: RFQ

    Submissions are invited for the removal/lopping of trees in the immediate area of the Hamilton Aerodrome in order to comply with airport regulatory criteria. 

  • Hamilton Performing Arts Centre - Supply of Moving Lights

    Tender # Q514-17 | Closing: 13/04/2017 14:00 AEDT | Released: 27/03/2017 09:00 AEDT | Type: RFQ

    Southern Grampians Shire Council are seeking quotations for the supply and delivery of Moving Head Lights for use at the Hamilton Performing Arts Centre. 

  • Lake Hamilton Transport Safety Works

    Tender # Q515-17 | Closing: 11/04/2017 14:00 AEDT | Released: 27/03/2017 09:00 AEDT | Type: RFQ

    Submissions are invited to complete the scope of works required to fulfil the recommendations in the Lake Hamilton Transport Safety Victoria Audit Report.

  • 1091-15 Hire Of Plant (Preferred Suppliers)

    Tender # 1091-15 | Closing: 10/04/2017 14:00 AEDT | Released: 17/03/2017 09:00 AEDT | Type: RFT

    This contract is for the hire of specific road making and other plant and equipment for use within and outside the Southern Grampians Shire. Tendered rates are invited for dry plant hire (free of operators) only. Hire is on an ad hoc basis for short periods and limited VIEW MORE

  • Environmental Monitoring Services

    Tender # 2-17 | Closing: 6/04/2017 14:00 AEDT | Released: 17/02/2017 09:00 AEDT | Type: RFT

    Environmentall Monitoring of emissions at the Hamilton Landfill and Hamilton Regional Livestock Exchange for a period of 4 years