Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services

The Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (MFESB) e-tendering portal "e-procure"provides a web based tool that enables MFESB to procure goods and services online.

It provides a simple, secure and efficient means for managing Request for Tenders and Quotations .

In order to respond to a Tender or Quotation you must first register. Registration is free.

Once registration is approved and any prequalifcation condtions satisfied, you will be able to access all the tender documents by-

1. Clicking on the Response Tab (far right) which will display a new screen

2. Click on the online form button (on the new screen - in the centre) again a new screen will be displayed

3. When the next screen is displayed click on the start button (bottom right-hand side)

This will display the questions with attachment links underneath.

Please contact eProcure on 1800 377 628 if you experience any difficulties logging on or downloading any documents from this site. Please direct all Tender questions through the "Question Forum Area" once you have logged in. 

Public Opportunities

  • No tenders are currently open.