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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get help to resolve any issues with the use of the Portal?
Why do I have to register?
Do I have to register again if I use another eProcure Portal?
What information is required about my business for registration?
Are there any fees involved in the registration process?
How do I get a password?
Having trouble logging on? Forgotten your password?
What if my contact details change?
Now that I am logged in how do I access an opportunity?
How do I view an opportunity?
What is the Question & Answer Forum?
How do I respond to an opportunity?
How do I upload my response documents?
How do I know if the documents I have chosen are uploaded to the window?
What do I do if I want to change the documents I have chosen and uploaded to the window?
Can I add comments to my submission?
What if I have made a mistake in the documentation I have submitted and/or I wish to change      the documents I have submitted?
Can I use the same name for a document I have already submitted?
What is the "my details" tab at the top of the page for?
What is the "My Watch List" tab at the top of the page for?
I am having trouble logging on?
The Portal is telling me I am locked out. What do I need to do?
What type of files am I allowed to upload to the portal in response to an opportunity?