Hindmarsh Shire Council

This e-tendering website provides a web-based tool that enables Hindmarsh Shire Council to procure goods and services over the internet.

It provides a simple, secure and efficient means for managing tendering activities and quotations.

In order to respond to a tender you must first register. Registration is free.

Please contact eProcure on 1800 377 628 if you experience any difficulties logging on or downloading any documents from this site. Please direct all Tender questions through the "Question Forum" once you have logged in.

Alternatively, tenders can also be placed in the tender box situated at 92 Nelson Street, Nhill.

Public Opportunities

  • Contract No. 2017-18-11 - Restoration of Flood Affected Roads-Package 1

    Tender # Contract No. 2017-18-11 | Closing: 23/03/2018 2:00:00 PM AEDT | Released: 21/02/2018 9:00:00 AM AEDT | Type: RFT

    The works consist of gravel road and sealed road reconstruction.  There are four separate projects inclusive of drianage works and associated traffic facilities.  The package includes 700m of sealed road and approximately 28km of gravel road damaged by the 2016 VIEW MORE

  • Contract No. 2017-2018-10 Kerb and Channel Upgrade in Dimboola

    Tender # Contract No. 2017-2018-10 | Closing: 13/03/2018 2:00:00 PM AEDT | Released: 9/02/2018 9:00:00 AM AEDT | Type: RFT

    The works consist of the construction of drainage works inclusive of kerb and channel, underground stormwater drains and associated pavement works in High, Ellerman, Upper Regions and Victoria Streets and Horsham Road, Dimboola