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    Federation University Space Planning Consultant

    THIS TENDER CLOSE OFF DATE HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL FRIDAY 4TH FEBRUARY 2022, 2PM. QUESTION CLOSE OFF DATE IS NOW WEDNESDAY 2ND FEBRUARY 2022, 5PM. The Scope of works for the Space Planning Consultant/Consultation Firm is as follows: It is anticipated that this work may

    Commercial Catering Services

    Federation University is going out to an open market to obtain a panel of contracted suppliers to ensure consistent spend and sourcing across the food & catering departments to gain a high level of consistency, price and service for the University. There is a potential for

    Medical Services, Mt Helen Campus

    Interested parties wishing to post a submission for this Request for Information/Expression of Interest or ask questions may only do so through the University’s eProcure Tender Portal via the following link; https://www.eprocure.com.au/federation/ Questions posed by

    Plumbing Service Supplier Panel

    This pre-qualification tender has been re-opened to ensure compliance with the ‘Public Construction’ Ministerial Directions. Offering the best - open competitive process as possible. Advanced Forward Notification and the Tender information will be advertised on the

Awarded Opportunities

  • No tenders are currently Awarded to display.