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Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Sydney, Portt is an Australian-owned procurement and supplier due diligence software development and services company. Our focus is sharp on enabling procurement and risk professionals to operate strategically across their business and supply chain. We help to drive business outcomes through optimisation of company spend and supply chain relationships.

Portt is your intelligent sourcing, contract, and supplier management platform. Here to enable the strategic potential of your procurement team. Streamline the necessary, unlock the opportunity, realise the outcomes.

Empowering Procurement

Portt empowers the modern procurement professional to drive meaningful results through heightened effectiveness and transparency of processes, while reducing administrative time and effort.
Portt is trusted across the public and private sector across Australia and New Zealand to deliver.

Procurement Planning

Guiding users down the necessary path, Portt allows for the early notification of procurement needs. Sourcing Managers conduct their planning and undertake a needs analysis before a request is approved and the sourcing process commences.

Strategic Sourcing

Using Portt’s strategic sourcing module, your procurement team and the business are reviewing the same information, ensuring that you are both doing the right thing at the right time in the right format. Capture detailed analysis of how both your sourcing projects are performing, the timelines and any potential risk.

Contract Management

Effortlessly manage your contracts from a simple dashboard. Using built-in triggers, assessments, milestones and reminders, drive the right behaviours and outcomes. Ensure that the contractual obligations are always being met by your suppliers throughout the contract lifecycle, eliminating any chance of that contract rolling over without anyone taking action.

Supplier Relationship Management

Portt provides a complete view of your supplier interactions at every level, providing information at your fingertips on all aspects of your supplier lifecycle from whether your suppliers are meeting their obligations under the terms of your agreement to understanding the financial risk exposure of your key suppliers
At a contract level, you can manage and measure every qualitative and quantitative element from managing supplier performance to meeting agreed performance and KPI / SLA targets, compliance, and status reporting. Collect the third-party insights you need to make fully-informed decisions and leverage the valuable insight into the level of risk associated in entering an agreement with a contractor.


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